Semester courses

Latin Feet DC is taking a break from the semester courses due to the owner living in Barcelona, Spain for 1/2-1 year. We will update here as soon as we have courses again.

The Dances

Bachata Dominicana

Bachata is a couple’s dance and come in many different styles, just as a lot of other dances. The dance and music is originally from the Dominican Republic and this is the style that we teach. The style Dominican Bachata is sometimes also called DomiBachata which is just a shortening of the name. The style is a social dance where every individual can have their own personal style and flavor.

The style Dominican Bachata has its focus on a lot of foot technique and is all about listening to the music. It’s a wonderful, rhythmic dance where the most important part is to have a lot of fun and follow the music. DomiBachata is a couple’s dance where you don’t need to be close to one another but you still dance together. It is a dance where the follower themselves can decide what steps to take and don’t necessarily need to follow the other dancer more than in the direction they are leading. This makes the dance more free than other couple´s dances where we can enjoy the creativity of the other dancer more.

Salsa Cubana

Salsa comes in different styles, just like the Bachata, and the style we teach is the Cuban style, the original dance. Both the dance and the music comes from Cuba and has spread across Europe and the world. The dance is a social dance where the focus is on the joy, happiness and having fun together to the most amazing rhythms.

The Spanish word Salsa means sauce and it’s also where the dance and music got its name from. The dance is a mix of steps from different dances like Son, Mambo, Rumba, Chachacha and other Cuban dances. In Salsa you got a lot of steps and even more figures that you can play around with to both slow and faster songs. The happy rhythm and the sensual moves is what make the Salsa till such a fantastic dance. See for yourself in the dance clips below!

Rueda de Casino

”The wheel of Casino” is a really fun and social way of dancing Salsa Cubana. Than what is it? One person, the caller, calls out a name of a figure and then the couples do the figure all at the same time and changing partners. It’s very fun and relaxed way of socializing on the dancefloor. To dance it you need to know the basics in Salsa Cubana, preferably 1-2 semesters of dancing Salsa Cubana

This is really to be seen rather than explained, please watch the videos below to see how incredibly fun it is!

Private Lessons

Why private lessons?

In private lessons we get the chance to tailor the class after your goals and ambitions. You will get much more attention from the teacher/teachers helping you to polish your technique. Therefor you will learn much faster and become a better dancer. You can even get a quantity discount if you take several private lessons, how awesome is that!?

Do you want to know more? Please send us an email to and explain what your goals and ambitions have, your experience since before and any other information you think we need. We will then review your email and get back to you as soon as possible with our recommendations and a price quotation.

Do you want to make the Company event, Bachelor-, Bachelorette-party or the original friend hangout more fun?

Do you have a hard time coming up with fun things for the party? Why not have a dance lesson a la party style? We don’t go hardcore dance lesson here but have a casual lesson with focus on laughter, nice music and cool moves.

We can either have a course focusing on a specific dance or mix in steps and movements from different Latin dances for even more casualness. If you want a more instructive and educational session you should pick Salsa or Bachata. But if you just want to get the party started, then the Latin mix is the best!

Do you want more information? Send an email to and tell us what it is that you want for your party or event and we’ll get back to you with a custom made session and a quotation.